Midi Keyboard Pitch wheel nightmare

Happy Pre-Halloween everyone. I feel as though my program or keyboard may be haunted and need some direction.

I’m wondering if there has been any new info on the M-Audio’s Pitchwheel oddities sending random data to Dorico? In my situation, most often I will click on a measure and start note entry, then will hear the sounding pitch shift to a random note. I will play G2, but A3 might sound. Sometimes, I won’t even press the keyboard, but will highlight a note, press “p” for playback, then all hell breaks loose and that instrument will sound a 4th or 6th higher. I have to bounce around from measure to measure and find a sweet spot for things to settle down. Yes, I have tried unplugging the keybaord and rebooting. It’s a no go. My keyboard has no issues with my other programs… Sibelius, Digital Performer. Just having issues with Dorico. Without opening up the keyboard and disconnecting the wire to the mod=wheel, is there another option that has been figured out? Most of the time, I’m in Galley view fwiw. :scream:

I’m not sure whether Dorico filters out pitch bend messages when you switch on Filter out MIDI controllers on the Play page of Preferences, but it might be worth a go.

I had the same problems with an M Audio keyboard. I took a screwdriver, opened the keyboard and disconnected the pitch bend cable.
Problem solved !


I’ll give it a whirl. Though, just so you know…I did unplug the keyboard and I still have issues with random pitch alterations while clicking measure to measure. Not sure it’s all midi signal related to M-audio? This is Dorico 5 by the way…

If you’re still experiencing apparently random pitch alterations with your MIDI keyboard disconnected, then there must be something else going on. You’re hearing notes unexpectedly higher or lower than written simply when clicking on them to audition them? Does this occur in all projects, or just in one? What sound libraries are you using?

I have a 10yo m audio keyboard on my desk at home and its pitch bend wheel has just started sending spurious data too. I only discovered this when using pianoteq and getting really weird results. I looked at the midi log and could see an absolute torrent of data coming from the keyboard’s mod wheel. Long-story-short: it appears the wheels just go bad at some point.

I’m going to try @Carlovanderput ’s advice and disconnect my wheel.