Midi keyboard playing chords, sustain, modulation and pitch wheels not working in C13? Why

I have been using Cubase 12 fine for ages, but just upgraded to C13, and now when I use my Launchkey61 keyboard, one octave of single keys plays a chord for each key. I tested C12 and this doesn’t happen, also using Kontakt Standalone it doesn’t happen, so it must be happening in Cubase 13.

There is nothing on like chord mode, it’s very strange. Also if I record an octave above where it doesn’t play chords with each note, and then move the midi notes down an octave it no longer plays the chords. Which is odd

Also the sustain pedal doesn’t seem to work, or the mod and pitch bend wheels, but it does in C12. I’m tearing my hair out!

Any ideas?


Do you have the Chord Pad open? Or is there Chord Track involved?

No I don’t. It’s very odd, as I just load any instrument and its the same in C13, mod wheel and pitch bend don’t work either, where as they do in Cubase 12 doing the exact same thing.

I can’t see what could be causing it, but its frustrating


Could you attach a screenshot of the Project window, please?

Is that what you wanted to see?

Do you experience the same things when you disable the controller script (in the MIDI Remote Manager > Scripts panel) ?

EDIT : beside this, could you make the same screenshot with the inspector Routing section unfolded ?

Disabling the controller script makes no difference

So thank you, as I’ve just seen that midi inputs were going to chord pads. What are chord pads? I’m a bit confused about what was happening

if I change that to ‘Launchkey Mk3 61 Midi out’ then it seems to work as expected, in the short testing I did

screenshot attached

To make long things short, the chordpads allow you to play different chords variations with a single key stroke (see Cubase Operation manual, ‘Using Chord Pads’ chapter). To disable them, you indeed should set the Input Routing of your instrument track to either, the MIDI port used for it or ‘All MIDI inputs’.

At the end, it seems that, as @Martin.Jirsak suspected it few posts ago, it’s this feature that is involved in your issue.

Thanks yeah I thought Martin was talking about the chord track or some other chord function, as I didn’t even realise this chord pad thing existed!

It was odd that it automatically set that up by default, which is why it seemed like some strange error.

Also, why would the pitch bend and modulation wheels not work in this mode? Is it that when using the chord pads it only registers the keys and nothing else

thanks for your help

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Isn’t the Modulation and the Pitch Bend eaten by the MIDI Remote in this case/script?

I have no idea, but that would make sense