MIDI Keyboard recommendations

Is that an adjustable desk? Is it a Flexspot? Because that’s what I have and I love it!


Right now it’s a hobby financially, but a fun hobby.

I actually have more screens, the advantage of having several computers and plenty of desk is being able to experiment and change things around a bit to see what works best. Technically I can run all programs from one DAW computer but right now I have Dorico open on a surface pro w another external 34" screen, nice and bright.

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You technically can adjust it up and down, and you can get a module (from ikea) which turns it into a motorised sit/stand desk, so maybe! I have not felt the need to adjust it yet though - I was tempted to get the module though!

Just a little addendum to this thread to say that today I modified my desk to a stand-sit desk. I purchased a frame and mounted it on the existing desk. I love it already, and I’m hoping it will really help with back pain from sitting for hours.

Our bodies aren’t made to sit all day, regardless of how comfy the chair is!

(please ignore the unfinished awful cable management…)


Very true … your back will thank you.

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Mine did. I’ve been using a standing desk for about 6-7 years now. Two years ago I upgraded to a big fancy L desk (I used to just have one of those table topper things). It cost an arm and a leg but I’ve never regretted it.

I also have a second chair that’s essentially half of a rollerball that is mounted to an office chair base, which I use 60% of the time when I’m sitting. Combined with a split keyboard where each half is in line with my shoulders, I’ve had a markedly drastic reduction in my back, neck, and arm pain.

(Do pardon the clutter!)


Congrats Dan, you’ll love it! :partying_face:

I tackled cable management two ways: the first was to get one of these mesh cable trays: StandDesk Desk Cable Management Tray, Cord Organizer, and Cable Concealer with 12 Adjustable Straps for Home or Office, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077F53754/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_01WHGJV41R4D5CDZDQ7S?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 and the second was to get a bunch of material from Joann Fabrics that I’ve mounted to the underside of the desk and let hang to the floor. I have a little magnet at the bottom to keep it attached to the feet of my desk. The desk can go up and down and the sheet simply covers anything that I can’t keep in the tray and provides a nice clean backdrop. (This only works when you have them against a wall as you do.)

If you bought the base separately, where did you purchase it? Is the mechanism electric?

Yes, it’s made by Jarvis. You can buy the complete desk, or just the frame. It’s motorized, with the ability to store preset heights. Spiffy.

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Just scrolled through the thread and it was funny to see my old setup. I designed and built myself a desk in summer 2020 (when I had no gigs) out of cherry and zebrawood and it’s been working out great! Here’s a current pic:

I spent some time designing the cable management so there’s a hidden shelf and 3 openings for cables in the back. Here’s a pic from the glue-up stage before I attached the top:

I hired a metalworker on Etsy to make the trapezoidal steel legs and a different metal worker to make the drawer pulls:

The opening in the center is a 3U rackmount size in case I ever get something to go there. The design was heavily influenced by Monkwood’s work. He had published some plans for a simple Monkwood DIY desk at the time and actually was super helpful in helping me with the design. If anyone is in CA and wants a custom studio desk, I’d highly recommend him. I used to do a bunch of amateur woodworking so I already had all the tools. I just needed to get my skills back up, and buy the wood, legs, drawer pulls, Accuride drawer slides, etc.


I use my desk and computer for many more things than note entry in Dorico, and find the Akai LPK25 quite adequate, even though I have to admit that, with its narrow keys, it is a bit Mickey Mouse. But it was very cheap and has been reliable. I just plug it into (or out of) a USB port as needed.


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Blimey! Dedication to the cause! looks great, and eerily similar to @dan_kreider 's


I’ve got that one, and was my work horse for a long time. Good wee keyboard

This is pretty much its own art form. Wow. I’m very pleased with my desk, but this one is next level.


Thanks! After you posted yours on FB, I remember hitting you up to ask who made it, and some of the design aspects of it before I made mine. I watched every video I could find of Monkwood for clues to his construction. Music gear reviewer Sanjay C’s Monkwood desk is beautiful and he did a nice YouTube video with Monkwood where you can really see some of the various design aspects of Monkwood’s studio desks.


He could have dressed those welds better! Otherwise it looks great.

I have a horseshoe layout made from two basic office desks that had to be modified, with swivelling chair in the middle. It’s a bit cramped to say the least but it works for me!

Hard to capture it, and looks cluttered because it is, this is a hard working desk. three Herman-Miller professional sit/stand desks with integrated keyboard trays (which are made of the same desk material). The three corner units put together like this makes a three-quarters circular desk. This is for game development.

On the right is the main development + art desk on a Threadripper/3090. Center is music/audio, 128GB RAM 28 core. Left is build server + test - a gaming computer basically with a 3080 Ti. Eizo square monitors on the working computer and wide landscape on the test computer. Very convienant to just switch tasks, when scene building for example I need to handle audio, art and programming assets together, and can push a build and do a quick test very easily in situ.

The audio setup is ATMOS full surround with ADAM A3X (I love planer tweeters). Reference is Stax Headphones. Controller is a REDNET R1. To the right off image is three file cabinets with audio equipment, files etc. Expensive units originally surplused from a office.

This is one studio for main development, audio is mostly mixing/mastering. For composition I’m all over the place, usually at my grand, but I also have a small studio just for composition with a big MIDI keyboard. This one has a small MIDI keyboard, but I’m talking to a company that makes circular keyboard to see if it can be done here.


I rather like the idea of the 3/4 round. Looks pretty neat! The one thing I don’t like about my desk is the seam where the two halves meet, which is why I don’t have myself in the center, although arguably it would be more useful. I used to sit in the center at my old job, but it had a center curved piece like yours has, hence no seam right in the middle of where I sat. This time around I was trying to economize and couldn’t find a fancy tabletop like that that didn’t cost an arm and a leg in its own right. As it is, my desk cost $1,300, and I had to draw the line somewhere… so, used table tops it was!

I found the rule of 3 to be very powerful. What did Jobs say “It’s a phone, it’s an iPod, it’s a web browser”. I use 3’s as much as possible - 3 desks, 3 monitors, 3 computers etc. For development/art 3 monitors is perfect. But you’ll notice that I have only one monitor for music and test. Well test is obvious, with a gaming computer you only want one monitor. For music I had three which was glorious, but ultimately could never get it to work because of the speakers and controllers. And frankly for mixing/composing one is fine since they’re single window IDE’s anyhow.

With two, as you note, there’s always a seam to deal with.

One hell of a setup you’ve got there!

Have you been involved in any games we’d know about?

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