midi keyboard settings?

I have Dorico installed on my touchscreen Lenovo B540 Idea Centre PC.
I also have a Nektar Panorama P6 keyboard for working in Reason. The keyboard hasn’t worked in Dorico and the only setting I can find is in Edit>Preferences>Enable midi input, which is ticked.

This morning I opened a short project (piano solo) I had started yesterday and the keyboard was working. It was a joy to use the touchscreen to select duration and then just play the keyboard. I had to manually move the ‘carat’ forward (I’m sure there’s a setting that automatically moves it isn’t there?), but after finishing this piece for a student, I exported the audio, then the graphics, checked the playback of the MP3 produced in Win Media Player, emailed the two files, then went back into Dorico but the keyboard was now not working? What changed?

In order to start note input via MIDI-keyboard you have to double click in the stave.

I guess that’s what you did at some stage when you worked on that other project and that’s why it worked there.

Thanks Ulf…I think that needs stating somewhere (if it hasn’t already…I couldn’t find a mention in the manual) as that is the most counter-intuitive thing that I’ve found in Dorico so far. You expect to setup your midi and audio connections and then test you have input and sound etc…a midi meter to confirm input would be a nice to have too. Thanks for the explanation though.