Midi Keyboard setup Basics


I have Cubase 11 Elements, Win10 and a M-Audio Keystation 61 Mk3.

I am kind of new to midi. Can’t seem to find any video or article just explaining the basics of how to get this keyboard to work with Cubase, GrooveAgent, Halion Sonic…etc.

The only thing that work are the actual keys of the keyboard. The modulation wheel, volume, transport buttons are not mapped in any virtual instrument or Cubase. How do I do the basics of mapping those. Thanks.

Any help?
Once you get to add Generic Remote…from there it is not clear. M-Audio doesn’t have any help on this.


Have a look to the official Steinberg YouTube channel. Search for the Quick Controls, please.

Hello, Yes I have watched the video you are referring to. That video does not deal with transport buttons or mapping a modulation wheel.


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