Midi keyboard split

Hi, i was wondering if it would be possible to split my midi keyboard in different zones so that the lower part would be bass or arpeggio, the middle piano and the higer organ. It would mean that the lower notes are send to a different synthesizer than the higer keys. that would save a lot of space and give the possibillity to play the basis of your track in one go. Cubasis transforms your ipad basically in a workstation and with this feature you would have the same functionallity on your ipad.

The other option would be to have several keyboards connected to midi ( using a midi merger ) but apart from the extra cost it would also take a lot of desktopspace. Much nicer to do that with one bigger masterkeyboard.

Also, does anyone know of midikeyboards that are capable to split their keyboards in different zones, that is, send different midichannels for each zone from the same keyboard? That would do the trick too.

Hi Marcotm,

At the moment that’s not possible, but that’s on our feature request list!

Great, thats good neuws.

By the way for those who are interested, i’ve found a few solutions. There is a midikeyboard wich can do the trick:
The sampson graphite 49 wicht costs €150. Ik has four seperate zones with their own midichannel. It also has a smaller brother with 25 keys. http://www.thomann.de/nl/samson_graphite_49.htm. ( its on the dutch version of thomann, but they also have an engilsh and german site.)

Then there are 3 softsynths that have the function build in:
Maggelan and Arctic pro synth in wich you can define a split ( they basically use multiple synth engines.)
Then there is mellotron, wich also has a build in split and can layer sounds. Maybe there are more softsynths wich cab di that but dont specify it in the app store.

Then there are the apps midibridge € 8 and iMidipatchbay € 27 wich wich work like a front end that assing different keys to different midi channels. I didnt test them yet because my usb cameraconnection kit is still underway but what i read is that there could be some latency issiues when you stack to much midichannels with them. So something like that internal in cubasis would be much more preferable because than you could also do this with apps like sampletank.

By the way, really love the nanologue, although iv’e bought most of the great syth emulations like the imidi and the ims20 i find myself mostly use that synth when doing tracks. Interapp audio and audiobus is nice, but a bitt of a fuzz to set up all the time. Also have sometimes the problem that wen i do a interapp or audiobus recording that the sound stops after i switched to an ap like the browser en dan come back to cubasis.

With the internal nanologue i dont have this problem. I wouldnt mind if there would be more like that inside cubasis, like a drum computer or a sampler.

Annyway, keep up the good work. Its nice to see cubasis grow. In that way i grow with the software and get the time to experiment with its limitations and be ready for newer functions when the updates arrive.