Midi Keyboard Transposition Problem - Marching Percussion

I’m using a template based on the marching percussion template and I’ve accessed the file on two different computers, but using the same midi keyboard (4-octave MidiPlus x4mini). For those unfamiliar, John Barron set this template up so that on a 4-octave keyboard, the bottom two octaves are assigned to playing technique/notehead changes, and the upper two octaves can be used to enter notes on the staff corresponding to the lines and spaces of treble clef.

I’ve been using this file on my home PC with no issues for years. However, I just installed Dorico onto my work laptop and worked out all the kinks except this: When I hook up the midi keyboard the playing techniques are off by an octave (an octave too high), so that I lose half of them when they overlap with the note entry portion of the keyboard. I’m not sure how this happened because it’s literally the same file I was working with last night at home and it was fine on that PC. Any thoughts?

If memory serves, don’t you also need to adjust the settings on the Note input and editing page of Preferences for the octave(s) where percussion playing techniques should be selected?

Yes, that did it. I didn’t remember having to do that, and I didn’t have to after upgrading on my other computer so I thought you only had to do that if you were using multiple or smaller keyboards (as John does in the video explainer). Thanks!