MIDI keyboard troubleshooting

My MIDI kb is plugged into MIDI-In on my audio interface (via a MIDI cable). My AI is plugged into my computer using USB.

Note entry in Dorico works, but no sound comes out. Also playback and record do not work.

Playback and keyboard function properly in other Steinberg apps like Cubase 9, and The Grand 3, and it all works right in Toontracks -EZKeys.

I attached pictures of the Dorico setup screens.

What might I be doing wrong?

Sorry for not coming back to this post sooner. Are you still having this problem? When you installed Dorico, did you install all of the playback sounds correctly? Do you get playback in any project at all, or is the program always completely silent? Have you run through the playback troubleshooting steps given in the FAQ thread pinned to the announcements section at the top of the forum listing?