MIDI keyboard velocity

Hey! Yesterday I bought a MIDI keyboard and I plugged it into Cubase. The keys on the keyboard change the velocity by the strength I press them. Maybe it is called 'Dynamic velocity. In any case I’ll be happy to cancel it. Thank you for help. :smiley:

Which version of Cubase do you have? If you have Cubase Pro, then, at the top-right of a MIDI or Instrument Track’s Inspector, there is a button that looks a bit like a “crooked arrow”. When you click on it, it opens a submenu for the Input Transformer (I think you will want to choose “Global” in this case). Set it up as follows (and then maybe save it as an Input Transformer preset)…

You will see four tabs, one for each of the available modules… Switch on the current one.

Upper Section…
Type is___Equal___Note

Lower Section…
Value 2___Set to fixed value___[parameter 1] 127 (this will convert all incoming velocities to maximum. You can enter a different value here if you prefer… e.g. 64 for a constant “medium” velocity)

Function = “Transform”

If, on the other hand, you have a smaller version of Cubase (e.g. Artist or Elements) then unfortunately there is no Input Transformer.
I don’t know if Cubase Artist offers MIDI FX, but if so, use the Transformer Insert FX, which you can set up in similar fashion to the above-mentioned Input Transformer, but (unless the MIDI Insert FX slot has a little “Record” button on it… sorry… I don’t have Artist here)…you can only change the velocities to a fixed value after recording (or, while playing live, but the transform won’t get recorded).
Another method, which you can also use in Cubase Elements, is in the Track’s “MIDI Modifiers” section…“Vel.Shift” (set the horizontal slider all the way to the right… than all incoming velocities will go to maximum value.)

I have yet to come across a midi keyboard where it wasn’t possible to set it to a fixed velocity.
Meaning it would be easier to read the manual for the keyboard and find that key or menu that changes that.