Midi keyboard with Cubasis LE 3 on ipad running 16.1.1 over usbc or bluetooth


I am trying to connect a midi keyboard to my ipad so that I can play the synths using a keyboard controller. The software is installed on an 2023 Ipad with a single usbc port.

Basically, I would like to be able to use a midi controller with Cubasis LE 3 as I would over a normal mac.

I have been trying for hours to make my Korg Microkey air connect to two different devices - both purchased in 2018.

The first device is the Korg Microkey Air.

In Cubasis, when I push the SETUP icon (in the top right corner of the program), then go to MIDI ( in the lower left-hand menu which appears upon pressing the SETUP icon) and press the HOST button (in the MIDI over Bluetooth tab) the microkey air show up in the Bluetooth Midi Devices, but will not connect.

Incidentally, the microkey air does not show up in the ipad’s list of bluetooth devices under the ipad’s settings - only over Cubasis.

So this doesn’t work (or can it?)

Plugging it in over a usbc docking station doesn’t work either (although the ipad recognizes the docking station when I plug it in). I am not sure wether the docking station is powered or not.

Would a powered docking station make a difference?

The second device is the Novation Launchkey Mini. It also seems not to work.

Do I need a “powered” docking station in order to use a midi keyboard, or are there only certain Midi keyboards which will work with my setup?

If anyone can give me a clear answer to any of these questions, I would greatly appreciate it.

David T

Hi David,
Download this free app, launch it and just leave it running in the background……and start playing your keyboard in Cubasis :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @David_Thayer,

Thanks for your message!

Normally, adding audio devices to iOS and Cubasis should work plug & play (without complicated setup steps), when using the common Apple adapter options.

When you want to connect your keyboard via “Bluetooth MIDI LE” these are the steps:


  • Please make sure Bluetooth is activated in the iOS and the device settings

  • Tap the “Start Demo” button in the “Cubasis LE Demo” mode pop-up._

  • Tap the “SETUP” button in the top menu bar on the right

  • Go to the “MIDI” section and tap “Host” in the “MIDI over Bluetooth” section

  • In the “Bluetooth MIDI Devices” pop-up: tap the appropriate entry matching your BT device to establish the connection

Hope that helps!