MIDI Keyboard Yamaha CLP-340 on Mac can't connect via USB


I’ve got a Yamaha CLP-340, bit old but supposedly fully MIDI compatible, with a MIDI to USB connection (it makes a high-pitched ring on connection). I’ve tried to download several drivers, re-starting throughout, but no joy. It doesn’t register in Cubase, nor in Garageband. I’ve set “local off”, still nothing. Does anyone have any tips. Doing my head in!


start Cubase again with the Yamaha CLP -340 activated(connected to your computer and on). Cubase can´t detecting a MIDI-Contoller after it´s been run.

Without your OS info it’s really hard to help you out. Since you mention Garage Band, I suppose you’re on a Mac. Macs don’t suffer from the limitation raz cozyr mentioned.

I’ll edit your topic title so it describes your question.

Thanks Steve

Not a mac expert so just a couple of thoughts…

  • Are you connecting to a USB 3 port instead of a USB 2? I would guess the CLP-340 will not work correctly on USB 3.
  • Just try a different USB port.
  • You say you hear a high pitched ring on connection. Is that recognized connection shown somewhere on your computer like it does on a PC?
  • In Cubase, you say it does not register but have you actually looked in the CB Devices>Device Setup>Midi>Midi Port Setup menu?
  • If it does not show there then… maybe your old keyboard is malfunctioning. If it does show there, have you assigned a VST instrument on the CB instrument or midi track and have you chosen a sound?
  • Have you definitely followed the instructions to set “Local Off” as described in the keyboard manual page 68? It’s confusing.

Good luck :wink:

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Hi Prock,

Thanks but all of the above seem to make no difference. In the Midi Port Setup menu, the USB port is visible, but no response when I play the keys. VST instrument selected, works when I use my computer keyboard as a MIDI input, so I guess the keyboard is at fault.

Thanks anyway!

Just to check on this detail- do you have the track you are playing into record-armed?