Midi lane assigned to wrong VST-Rack when using many VSTs. After SAVE = OK

Cubase 9.5.10 Build 79

Hard to describe the problem but I try.
(I already noticed a similar issue in C8 as well, which but was not resolved after SAVING, see below)

My loaded VST Instruments:

1-23 are VST-Tracks with Kontakt 5, Zebra, Trilian
24-27 EMPTY (probably left over from deletion)
28 VST-Track with Kontakt 5

29-56 are VST RACKs with VePRO and Kontakt 5

When I loaded the 56th Rack with Kontakt, a Midi track was atom. created but wrongly assigned (and sound) to the VST #28 which is wrong.
I have to manually assign the Midi track to VST 56.
Also, if I create some more MIDI tracks (Strg+Shift+M) they are also assigned wrongly to #28.

Now comes the real weired moment:
If I save the project and reopen it - voila all VSTs are correctly assigned (and sound)I also notice that after the project SAVE, the new created MIDI tracks are assigned correctly. So maybe during creating my new template a kind of memory “hick-up” leads to the wrong assignment.