Midi latency on cubase demo

Hello, I’m new to Cubase, currently running Cubase 13 Pro on a silicon Mac.
Just downloaded the Austin Hull demo for cubase 13, and there is noticeable latency on all the virtual instruments when triggered via a midi keyboard.

Did some searching and found that clicking “Constrain Delay Compensation” disables all plugins and the latency is gone.

So I just wanted to confirm that I am unable play around and track latency free in this demo with all plug-ins enabled, even with the buffer size at 32?

Thanks for your time.

It’s possible that is the case. Some plugins introduce significant delay when they process audio. Constrain delay compensation seems to turn off these plugins, enabling you to record in time. Most of the time, Cubase manages latency pretty well, but if it’s getting hard to play along, the solution is the one you found.

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Thanks Toby.

I’ve just downloaded a different demo from Cubase by Azodi and this one has no latency when trying out the instruments with all plug-ins enabled. It’s similarly produced so I’m not sure why Austin’s has soo much delay.

Is anyone able to download Austin’s demo from cubase and see if they are getting the same latency on note trigger please?

Cubase can show the latency that plugins introduce.
In case of Austin’s demo there is a channel with 235.5ms latency.

The channel with the highest (plugin induced) latency will govern the overall latency.

Austin’s demo is good for listening and looking at but not so good for playing along. This is quite normal. When you are in the creative phase you would not switch on plugins with a high latency - or you would use Plugin Delay Compensation to have them deactivated automatically. In the mixing and mastering phase of a project you don’t care about low latency anymore and use all the tools that you have. This is what you see with Austin’s demo project.

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Thanks for taking the time Johnny.
That makes sense.

I was thinking with m2 macs, the DAW and plugins could take on a bit more at the creation stage, but it seems not for this process.

Really appreciate the information and screenshot.

That really has nothing to do with the computer and its processor. The latency in samples for a particular plugin is the same on every single computer in the world.
Ie. if we keep thje project at 44.1kHz sample rate we all have 235.5ms latency from the plugins.
That is also independent of the DAW. A plugin with 1000 samples latency in Cubase will also have 1000 samples latency in Logic, Studio One, Pro Tools, Live, etc.

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Thank you again Johnny.
I understand now.

Grateful for your time and knowledge.