MIDI latency


sometimes after that I’ve been working on a project for a while, some vst, especially the piano, start having a little delay from when I press the key to when I hear the sound.

that’s really weird cause sometimes it happens, sometimes not. usually, as I said, the problem is with the piano - I use kontakt and a piano patch - and only with certain projects, it doesn’t happen all the time.

any idea of where I could have a look to fix that? I know that I’m not giving a lot of information about it, but for the moment that’s all that I’ve got. the cubase version is 6.5.


i take it you know about the Device menu /Device Setup /Midi Port Setup /tick “use system timestamp for windows midi input” .also if you have a soundcard like the e-mu 0404 pci card ,turn off the monitor on your track and use the direct monitor when recording .what soundcard are you using is it a pci card or a usb card,if it is usb i find mine can be a bit unpredictable.