MIDI Lean/Assign to Select Track?

I know you can MIDI learn on many plugins, and the quick controls of a particular track, but is there a way to assign MIDI CC input to generic project window actions like “Select Track: Next”, “Select Track: Prev”, select a particular track, etc.? Or is that weird and would not work anyway because the selected track would consume the event?

Bascially I was (am) looking for a way to prevent jumping back and forth from my keyboard to Cubase. I’d like to play on a certain track, and then from the keyboard switch to a separate track (in Cubase) and play on that one, either during recording or just playing the different MIDI tracks I have setup in Cubase. I find myself having to go to Cubase to select a different track when I want to hear that one and it disrupts my workflow between instruments.

Yes there is a way to do this with the Generic Remote section of your Device Setup window.

Device Setup

In the left hand column you’ll see a tab called “Generic Remote” under the Remote Devices folder.

Select the port for the MIDI device that’ll be sending the CC data in the MIDI Input dropdown menu at the top of the window. Selecting a device output is not really necessary since you only need the CC data to flow to Cubase. But you know, maybe your keyboard responds to MIDI CC data too, like if you were to automate a Solo command or something maybe it’ll highlight that track on your keyboard so it wouldn’t hurt to choose the same device for the output but I digress…

To the right of that upper section you’ll see four buttons: Import, Export, Add and Delete. Choose add and an assignment thingy will appear in the window. Create a name for the assignment by double clicking, something like “Previous” will do. Under MIDI status select controller since you’ll be assigning a CC (continuous controller). Under MIDI Channel choose whatever channel you’ll be working with on your controller. Assign a CC number under address, something generic like 119 will do, pretty much just make sure it’s not a CC that’s already assigned to something else.

In the bottom area you’ll have seen a corresponding thingy popup when you added the first thingy. That thingy below designates what the above assignment will actually do in Cubase. So under Device select Command, under Catagory select Navigate and under Action select Up. Now when you press whatever button you have assigned to that CC on your keyboard it will issue that command within Cubase.

I’m sure you can figure out the rest. Click Add on the top screen again, rinse and repeat with a different name and a different command. You’ll notice that the generic remote system is crazy, you can assign a ton of commands. It’s one of the most elegant and bug-free parts of Cubase. For instance I control my entire mixer with my master keyboard and the channels automatically assign themselves to my faders as I add tracks.

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