Midi-Learn for DMX Mixer possible? Any tips for "interfaces"/workflow?

Hey there,

currently we are setting up our “light show” with our ENTTEC usb DMX interface.
From a hardware side we’ve got everything up and running and our test led bar works fine with the dmx sends from vst live (1.1.52). Thanks a lot therefore that this working so sweet out of the box @Spork / @musicullum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :v:

But programming the dmx show with the mouse (wether using faders or drawing on a dmx track) doesnt really feel exactly barrierfree and with a good flow - if you understand what we mean?

It would be much more intuitive and “in a flow” if we could use e.g. one of our midi keyboards (which has a lot of faders) and pair its faders with vst live’s “midi learn” button like it is possible for e.g. the transport bar and the normal audio mixer. Is this somehow possible now/ in the future?

Do you have any tips on how to alternatively get some way of tactile workflow (despite buying a usb dmx interface)?

Is there some other way to “translate” a midi / usb keyboard to an dmx input? Is this maybe what the “artnet” protocol from the dmx input section (together with some kind of software like this) can be used for?

We tried to use an iPad via apples sidecar feature with our MacBook for at least getting the option to “iPad touch” the dmx mixer faders. But this didn’t work as extended displays don’t use touch, just mouse/keyboard.

Sorry if this may be stupid questions, but the vst liv manual is somehow short on more detailed infos regarding this.

Thanks id advance!

Yes, good points, and we are already working on translation of MIDI events to DMX control. Currently, it is not yet possible inside VST Live.

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