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Hi Lars,

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Hi Crabman,

MIDI learn is included in our list of future feature requests.


I use an E-drumset ( Roland HD ) to play drums. Is there a simple way to set the Midinumbers in minisampler to customize the Drums ?
( Kickpedal on 36(C1), Tom 1 on 48(C2), Tom 2 on 45(A1), etc…)

The best way would be Midilearn ( How did you announced ).

Greetings from Germany
Stefan (Steve)

( By the way: Why there is no German Forum for Cubasis ? )

Hi Stefan

As the samples are mapped to keys in MiniSampler, I would think that all you need do is put the samples on the correct keys. At first glance the supplied kits seem to be mapped to the normal GM Kit notes. I am surprised that these do not map correctly already :open_mouth: or am I missing something. The best option would be to see if your device is able to output as GM (General Midi). The advantage of doing it this way is that you can try your recorded MIDI drums with different kits very easily.

If your controller will not do this and you wish to change the mappings on one of the Supplied kits you will need to do the following

  • Load the Kit you want into MiniSampler
    Open The Kit in Edit mode by clicking on the e button top centre of MiniSampler (You will get a message saying edits will be lost when reloading, you can ignore this and press OK)
    Press on the C1 key to display the Kick Sample
    Click Save To Media
    Repeat for each sample.

Once you have all the samples do the following

  • Open MidiSampler and Select New Instrument, and give it a name
    Open the MediaBay
    Long press then drag the individual saved samples onto the keys you require.

You can use this method to build your own custom kits using samples from any source you want. e.g different AM Kits or sample packs or your own recorded drum sounds.

Hope this helps



Hi Andy,

thx for your help. I will try it. It seems not so easy as I thought. Best way would be midi learn, like Lars promised in February :slight_smile:

My E-Drumset ( Roland ) fantasic works with Roland sound canvas. ( GS / GM Mode ). Midi Record an via AudioBus / IAA )


Hi Stevie

If the E-Drumset works with Sound Canvas I don’t get why it isn’t working with MiniSampler supplied kits.
Do you get any sounds at all when you try and play the drums through MiniSampler ? If not then perhaps the MIDI routing is not setup correctly.

MIDI Learn is usually for mapping MIDI CC and not MIDI Note information, so I don’t think it would help here anyway.

Hi Andy,

please excuse me for my bad english. I hope, you understand, what I mean:

Look at my sreenshots. Load AM Alive Kit. As you can see, Key C2: Sample Crash 1. C2 on my Drumset is Tom 1. is there a simple way to replace Crash 1 into Tom 1 or choose another sample ?

Midilearn, I think, is a good way to set the midi notes. If you look on my 2d. Screenshot ( DrumsXD):
I hit at Tom1 at my Drumset und Midi change at C2(48). So I can hear Tom 1 correctly.


Hi Stevie

Your english is fine :wink: I was just surprised that it wasn’t mapped the same that’s all. Midi learn does make sense from a Pad type controller, but MiniSampler is key based, so mapping notes to different keys does not make sense.

If samples do play, but not on the pads you want, you will have either

Follow the previous instructions for setting up a custom kit, or
If your e-Drumset has multiple memory slots create a kit that outputs the right note for the samples you want.