MIDI / Length problem, not able to reduce size of a note from right to left - (certain project) SOLVED

Im experiencing in certain old project a weird Issue… Im not able to reduce the size of the note from right to left < however, im able to reduce from left to right and snap is respected depending on the set

This old project have many Jbridged plugins, could this be related to that?

is the first time than happens to me…
After the issue with the old project (5 years old), I closed cubase

I opened a recent one “new” project im working on few weeks ago, and all is normal.

Then I re opened the project with the Issue, I click on activate and the issue of course is there

After that, I activate again the other one (the new) and the issue now is occurring in that one too…

Doesnt matter if im in 1/128 or 1/16, this is not working

I dont know if this can be reproduces as I … this is a very strange circunstance… even starting Cubase In safe mode this is happening

Can somebody have a solution please? its very important project to me!

the problem was something really silly but I didn’t see it as possibility, (for those interested here is the answer)

the (L Quantize link) was hidden and set on in 1/4, after set again in Quiantize Link, all becomes normal again…