MIDI LFO to AUv3 Synth?

Is there some way to modulate an AUv3 synth parameter with a MIDI LFO? I know I can automate any parameter. But can I make it listen to a Rozetta MIDI LFO?

This would be great to have! And is currently quite a shocking omission! :see_no_evil:

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It can work if you have the CC of the parameter you want to modulate. I havent tried it but as far as I understand you place the LFO in the MIDI effect and choose the CC chanel you want to modulate. Also possible is to let run one LFO and start MIDI learn on the parameter you want to modulate. The synth should recognize the movement and switch on the CC the LFO uses. First solution needs maybe research or the contact to the developper if there is no CC list. 2 a MIDI learning is needed. 3 Option would be to use the Cubasis learn if it offers that parameter. I hope it helps and let us please know if it did. That I didnt try that yet is due to I m most of the time using synths with matrix or I use automation even if thats not a perfect wave. But on the other hand, a perfect wave becomes quicker boring than an unperfect hand drawn wave. Good luck!