MIDI light gets stuck, note plays but won't enter from keyboard

This happens to me occasionally, after a while of the computer being on, when I hit a note on the MIDI keyboard the MIDI light stays on continuously, and the notes play correctly but nothing gets entered. The sound interface works fine otherwise in Dorico and elsewhere, only a restart fixes it.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (384.6 KB)

At a glance (and I’m afraid right now I can’t afford to spend much more time than a glance) I can’t see anything in Dorico’s application logs that shows me when this might have happened – if you run into this again, could you please make a note of the specific time at which it happened so we can try to narrow down where we should be looking to find the problem?

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No worries. If it’s any help I took that diagnostic right after starting the application, immediately hitting a note, the light gets stuck, then diagnostic and quit, so presumably is at the end of the log if there is anything. I had quit/restarted a few times before that doing the same thing.