Midi Live transform issue

Hi guys,

not sure if it’s supposed to be like that… Whenever i enabled the live transform on chords or scale according to chord tracks, the midi notes that i play within the keyboard was not captured randomly especially when i play triplets.

Can anyone advise what’s going on and how do i fix this?

i’ve upload a video that shows the midi when hitting the keys

when there is no sound midi date is not recording when the live transform is engaged

here is the video in the link below


i’m using cubase 9.5.21 build 3 on windows 10



It depends on the Voicing, you set up.

Hi thanks Martin for replying,

wonder even on live transform scale mode also depends on voicing i setup ? coz it happened on scale mode also

I don’t know, to be honest. Maybe then it depends on the selected Player?

In my version, Cubase 9.0.4, from the Chord Track inspector, you can choose to have “automatic scales” on or off. If you turn it off, and set Chord Track to “show scales,” you can change scales for each chord (from the drop down list under the chord or from the Info Line). A wide range of scale types are included. Chord Voicing may also be be Automatic or manual and, again, a set of standard voicings and wide array of scales may be selected from the Info Line list. Hope this helps.