MIDI Logical Editor doesn't work - I'm losing my mind

Hey guys,

I’m using a licensed, freshly purchased Cubase 11.

Following Greg Ondo’s tutorial,

I selected a MIDI part,
Under “MIDI” in the top menu, I selected “Logical Editor…”
I set filter taget - Type is + Equal + Note
I set action target - Value 2 (Velocity) + Set to Fixed Value + 100
I hit apply

Nothing changes!! I spent an hour on this issue and I just lost my temper…
Please explain me - am I doing something wrong?

It’s a little difficult to see what’s happening from the screen shot because I can’t see what is selected, nor what zone or window is in focus.

Try this though:

Open the Key Editor in the Lower Zone of the Project view.
Make sure nothing is selected, and the the outline is indeed showing the Lower Zone is the active one.
Open the Logical Editor
Run the same function as you described.

Does it work?

Here’s an animated gif to illustrate what I wrote above:

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Hey Steve!
It does work, I simply didn’t realize that I have to have the outline showing the Lower Zone - I figured it’s enough to have the MIDI part selected in the Upper Zone.

So let me thank you so much! Also for the quick response, it is a pleasure to wake up to the solution.

btw - which software did you use to create the animated gif?

Glad to be of help… The software is ScreenToGif

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