Midi Logical Editor - Randomize CC value

I’d like to create small random changes for a CC that my VST uses (CC21) and am wondering how to accomplish that. I’ve created a CC21 controller lane with a static setting of 50.

From Project Editor, I select a track, then Open the Midi Logical Editor and try to a Transform for the below :

Type is Controller
Value1 is CC #21

For the Action, I have :
Value2 Set Relative Random Value Between 10 and 100

When I hit Apply, I don’t hear the change and I don’t see any change to the curve on my CC21 controller lane in the Key Editor?

Works here…is this what you have?

Yes, that’s what I have. In the Transform menu, do you have Transform selected and did you create a controller lane in the Key Editor beforehand? And can you see the a random line/pattern for CC21 in the controller lane now? I’m assuming this change in the Logical Editor will let you see the changes it made in the Key Editor controller lane.

When you set up the logical editor like this, it will transform any existing cc21 events. It will not create new ones.
From your description it looks like you only have one cc21 event set to value of 50.

Hmm, my goal is to create a series of small random fluctuations of the value of CC21 over the time period of a track. Could I use the Logical Editor for this or would I have to fake it by manually Paint it in a Key Editor controller lane?

Also, anybody know if there is a user library somewhere of Logical Editor presets or controller lane presets that others can download?

Pick the resolution you want with the grid in the Key Editor, and just draw in a bunch of CC21 events where they should go (in time). You can use the line or curve tool if you like.

Make sure they are selected, and run your Logical Editor again…as many settings and passes as you need to get things where you want them.

Here is a thread with a few example tricks with the Logical Editor, as well as discussion on methods to get arbitrary events generated:

Helpful hint: hand drawing in a bunch of cc data points may have more initial variation than you want. If you select all the points, type in the value you want on the Info Line and hit ctrl+enter it will set them all to the same value.

You might also want to explore the Target Operation that sets relative random values. If you had this set to 5 and -10 and applied it to a data point set to 50 it would change the value to a random selection between 40 and 55.

Ah, that Info line tip did the trick. Didn’t know about that one. Thanks!