MIDI Looping


I just can’t seem to find how to loop a MIDI event - like in Logic or Ableton, just pulling the right side of an event and then it loops as required. If that not’s possible, is there another way to loop events besides copying ans pasting them?


like you said, you can duplicate manually. you could also duplicate and create “shared copies” (alt+shift by default), so that any changes in the midi part (apart from slip editing i think) are reflected in all the copies at once.

you could also look at the ‘independent track loop’ function…

I think what you may be talking about is:

Hold the Alt key (option on the Mac?) and move the cursor over the lower right area of the event until you see the “pencil”.

Then drag to the right.

Copies will be created as far as you drag.

And they are not shared.


Thanks! Both of you! Amazing.

And if I wanted to pull on the lower right and do “shared copies”? Is there such thing?

That would be amazing! Is it possible to do shared copies by default?