MIDI Loops and other content - what and where?

I’m sure this has come up before but midi, loops and content aren’t allowed search terms.

I have realised I am unsure if I have all the available content installed from my downloaded installer, i.e. I don’t have a DVD. For example, there is an empty MIDI Loops folder in prefs. Am I missing something?

More to the point, there doesn’t seem to be a single page you can go to to check what you should have. Not just filenames and locations, but what they contain in plain language. The lot - audio, soundsets and for what, midi, presets and whatever else, and if they’re part of the core installation or something you have to download separately or install from the DVD. So you can just run your eye down a simple list and know if you’re missing anything.

I realise now I have never been confident that I have all the tools at my disposal. There needs to be something like this and if there already is, in a more obvious place, e.g. on the downloads page.

I don’t have an answer… I am not a power user of Cubase and I think your question is a good one. A few years back I did have a problem with a full and complete install a some things were missing but relatively obvious. Since all of my “stuff” since 2004 has been live recording and I am just getting involved in more elaborate usage, VST’s and midi, IS something not there ? I’d never know until I went to use it and come up with something like “file not found”

Worse than that, you might not even know it was there to be used - the dreaded “unknown unknowns” :open_mouth:

I also have an empty MIDI Loops folder in my preferences. I don’t think it’s anormal, as I guess that this one is supposed to contain all your custom stuff.

FWIW, mainly, the contents are in the C:\Users\All Users\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound folder (with 19 .vstsound files in it). But there are also some in the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\VST Sound folder (6 .vstsound files).

Can’t be a lot more of help, as I seldom use Steiny contents…

Thanks, that sounds feasible but I’d like to have somewhere official to read this.

The product page (http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/cubase/whats_new.html - about three-quarters of the way down) mentions two sets of MIDI loops:

Let there be groove
…150 further intricately grooving MIDI Loop patterns…by Allen Morgan

Thousands of MIDI construction loops
…a smorgasbord of quality MIDI loops taken directly from Sequel.

I have the 150 Allen Morgan MIDI Loops, they are in vstsound:\C9BA… (which also includes AM sounds and presets, and some other stuff).

There is another batch of MIDI Loops in vstsound:\991E… (2034 MIDI Loops - I assume this is the Sequel stuff but there’s no specific indication.)

Well, I think I have it but it took some working out and I still feel like I’m working blind…

(Btw, the results I have are from searching the Media Bay: Logical - Path contains “vstsound:\xxxx…” for All Media Types)