MIDI makes noise on first note upon export

I have a track all ready to go. Super simple. One audio track and 4 MIDI drum tracks. Upon exporting, one of the drum tracks has a low end pop directly on the first note. It is not audible in Cubase. It happens whether I export in wav or mp3 and is not dependent on sample rate, bitrate, or the audio player or speaker system. Something in the export is doing it. What I’ve noticed is if I change the pattern, it always makes this pop on the first note of this particular patch, as if the MIDI track is waking up or something.

I’ve tried tricking it by adding some inaudible notes to see if it would activate it earlier but it didn’t work.

I am ready to tear my hair out. Help!

Move everything one measure ahead.

If by ahead you mean backwards in time, that did not work.