Midi mapping help / how to?

a little help guys - i need to learn, cause i come from live - how to quickly map the knobs or some other midi keys on cubase. on live i click midi map button, click what i want on a sequencer or vsti and just turn the knob or midi command. that`s it - it is mapped. how is the fastest way to do the same in cubase? and one more thing - midi cofiguration/support for akai mpk mini exists in cubase 6 ?

Look in the manual at the chapter on ‘Track Quick Controls’ … it’s chapter 21 in the Cubase 5 manual, not sure which in Cubase 6 manual.

It tells you how to use the ‘quick controls,’ which permit a controller to operate up to 8 parameter on the selected track easily and … you guessed it … quickly! It also explains how to set up your controller as a general midi controller and specifically for ‘quick controls.’

Is your MPK already working in Cubase? If not, go to devices> device setup … > ‘click’ midi ports.

If you want to build a template for your MPK follow the above, but ‘click’ remote and then hit the ‘+’ sign at the top of the window … in the drop down box select generic remote and then build your template (if you can’t find one from someone else … maybe in an Akai users group or on the website?)

Notice also, back where we started, that there is a menu item ‘Quick Controls’ under the midi menu in Device Setup …


okay, figured out the thing. i does not work fully like i want, only the default controls. i can not assign what i want, learn does not work - i can only open a control track and modify it graphically. thanx anyway.