Midi Mapping Plugins help needed

Hi there,
First post on the forum and I’m hoping someone here can possibly help me out.

I’m using Cubase 10.05 on Win 10 Pro and want to control my plugins using a ‘Softube Console 1’ in midi mode.

I’m pretty proficient with Cubase but am having problems getting this setup right.

So far, Ihave started by creating a Generic Remote in the studio setup panel and have successfully mapped my Console 1 to the Scheps Omni channel plugin which is inserted into an empty mono channel, (by empty, I mean there is no audio or any other data in this project yet as I’m just trying to get things setup).

I then setup the remote controller editor accessible from the drop down arrow on the scheps plugin to receive the data from the generic remote setup…and all is working well.

However…the problem is when I open a 2nd channel and open another Scheps Omni plugin, the Console 1 is not controlling the 2nd plugin and I’m not sure how to copy the settings across…or make it available to any ‘selected’ channel i may use in the project later on.

I have included a screen grab of the ‘Generic Remote’ and ‘Remote Controller Editor’ setup and would greatly appreciate any tips or advice…cheers in advance.

Also…when I duplicate the channel…the Scheps Omni Channel plugin for the new duplicated track is now being controlled by the Console 1, but the first original channel is not.

So…just realised that the actual audio channel must be selected first, then the corresponding plugin can be controlled, I thought i had to select the actual plugin…hmmm…may have figured this out already.
So I suppose my next test is to try a second different plugin in the chain and see if I can use the Console 1 to control as many plugins as possible…will try to map my Empirical labs ‘Arouser’ and ‘Big Freq’ next…

Id still appreciate any tips regarding mapping multiple plugins tho…cheers

Well…spent today mapping out the ssl e channel, bx console n, bx console focusrite, american class a (softube api standalone version not c1), arouser, bigfreq and the acustica jet…all working fine…just in case anyone else is trying to do this…you must set each plugin up using the generic remote panel (in my case i had to make 2 as you can only have 4 individual plugin setups per generic remote) then when you want to switch to different plugin you must select it from the generic remote panel…now the problem im having is that if i move my plugins to a different insert slot, they no longer receive the controller data…FFS…i’m pissed to say the least…does anyone here know if it behaves the same way in Cubase 12…i cant believe that there doesn’t seem to be any way to map certain plugins and then be able to move them to different insert slots and have it function as one would expect…waste of a day :exploding_head:

I’m sorry you found this out the hard way.
Yeah, the way remote control works in Cubase is “by connection”. It is not possible to map controllers to a specific plugin, but rather to a plugin in a specific slot. There is some logic to this. For example, what would happen if you mapped “directly” to the plugin and then have several instances loaded up? Would your controller now control all of them simultaneously?

The work-around is to use Focus Quick Controls. In a nutshell, it lets you map 8 controllers that dynamically maps to what ever plugin is in focus.

Arrggghhhh…so now ive realised that the ontroller is actually controlling 2 pluginsat the same time, so having 2 generic remote pages active wont work…so limited to 4 plugins

Hi…thanks for the response, unfortunately 8 slots isn’t nearly enough for me but i suppose i can live with 4 plugins at a time…i see studio one has this covered, so i’m amazed that Cubase cant do it…in studio one it will control whatever plugin is currently selected

Focus Quick Controls does just that. Only control the plugin that is selected/focused.
I agree that 8 controllers is on the short side and users have been asking for more Quick Controls for a long time now.
In reality, it’s rare that I felt I needed to control more that 8 parameters of any VSTfx plugin with a physical controller. (VSTi plugins is another story.) Ymmv.

I would at least give it a try. You can use it in conjunction with “hard coded” remote controls.

Thank you for the advice…yes i may try that too, its such a pity though, i was so happy today as i thought i had cracked it, but alas!!!..What version of cubase do you use?..it seems like Cubase 12 has implemented better mapping controls, but it may have the same limitations as Cubase 10?..Ill have to do some digging

I’m on 12 Pro, yes.
Cubase 12 introduced an updated way of handling MIDI remote control, most interesting part of it is that you can write custom scripts in JavaScript for you hardware devices. This opens up more flexibility. That said, there are still plenty of restrictions, including only 8 QC’s. It is expected that the new MIDI remote features will mature in coming versions.

Thanks again for the responses…Pity, i was hoping Cubase 12 would be the answer here…might be time to try out studio one…i keep hearing great things about it…i love that Steinberg are hoping to make it better in future versions…i’ve been using Cubase for 25 years…i hope im still alive for that…haha

Thanks again

I want to mention here that console1 is not friendly with third-party plugins or even daw.
When you exit it software and deal with it as a midi controler instead of using it vst3 plugin.
I hade one and i maped it until i reach the equ and there is the problem, console 1 knobs doesn’t able to be push3d or not able to be pressed to turn each frequency on or off
Bty buttons from 1-20 can be maped as select tracks and each function should be set to selected track
Good luck