Midi mapping/routing-can I send to 2 midi notes from one midi note, based on different velocities

Hello all- happy music making! New Cubasis ios user/forum visitor here with a midi question. In short- my goal: using Cubasis LE 3 for ipad, I want to sample each sound from my Roland edrum kit (as it has awesome sounds). Issue: each drum pad sends 1 midi note (in this case, note 46), but plays different sounds from within the drum module based on velocity. Example: Midi note 46, but velocity 0-60= softer snare hit, while velocity 60-128= harder snare hit. Question: can I route/map one midi note # in Cubasis to ‘trigger’ two separate notes based on velocity? My goal is to sample both the soft and hard snare sounds (both note 46, just two different velocity ranges) and then assign them to two separate midi notes so when I play the kit, midi note 46, vel 0-60 will trigger one midi note and midi note 46, vel 61-128, another midi note. Ty for any feedback!!

Hi @bobbymitchellmusic

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Below, please find a link to a MiniSampler tutorial, which is included in Cubasis.

However, I doubt that the limited future set of the sampler (which is intended), may not help with what you have in mind. But you may give it a try to create an instrument with the MiniSampler to find out…

Cubasis for iOS fully supports Audio Unit (as well as Inter-App Audio and Audiobus), allowing you to use third party plug-ins (instruments and effects) with Cubasis. So, if the MiniSampler does not work out for you, there should be plenty plug-ins available on the market to do so.

Hope that helps!


Cubasis 3.4 - MiniSampler Tutorial - How To Make Custom Instruments | The Sound Test Room

How To Use The MiniSampler In Cubasis 3 To Create Custom Instruments | MobileMusicPro

Hey Lars, ty for the reply- much appreciated. Okay, will give it a shot and beyond that, find a midi app to hopefully do the trick. :). Have a great day! Truly, Bobb

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Glad to read this, thanks @bobbymitchellmusic