MIDI Mapping when recording

This will be best described with an example:
I’m using a drum vst (Addictive Drums) which supports MIDI mapping much more extended than the GM Map (I.e. it has more sounds, articulations - in short - more flexibility in performance mocking) . I want to be able to use all the sounds but, I still want to use GM when recording sketches with my MIDI keyboard.
What I want is a way to record with my keyboard in GM map, and have that mapped to Addictive Drums default, so I can later revise and add all the extra sounds it has.
I cannot use the Input Transformer, because that will require me to have a transformer module for every single note in the mapping, which is not possible since you can add only four.
I was wandering if there is any utility in Cubase that makes this process easier?

If not I’ll compromise with either having a “one click” solution for transforming the MIDI retroactively (The best thing I can think about is creating a Logical Editor Preset for each and every note and make it a macro, even though it’s tedious), or using some sort of external tools. (Can MIDI modifiers / effects help here? I’m not sure since they don’t actually change the MIDI data for me to edit, unless you can “apply” a MIDI modifier).


Yo can define your own Drum Map. The important part would be the I-Note (Input Note, which would match the GM standard) and the O-Note (Output Note, which would match your Instrument map).

I new about drum maps but I never noticed I can define a different I/O channels!!
And here I was trying to find some crazy ways around it…
Thanks alot!