Midi Mapping wont be Saved/remembered


I have a Korg NanoKontrol 2 and i wanted to Map my Faders on the controller to the Serum and Vital mod knobs.

So i go to the ‘lower zone’ and there i see my Nano Kontrol 2 midi device al mapped up. But i only want to map my hardware faders to the VST Modulation knobs.

So i follow the steps as shown in numerous videos.
I slide the fader a bit, i see that the Mapping assistant sees my fader and select the knob i want after that i click on Global, test if it all works, yes it works and i quit cubase as recommended. No errors no isseus what so ever.

But when i restart cubase, start up a clean new project…

All the faders that i have assigned are missing.
Same goes for my Machine studio controller and my other midi devices. Cubase will not save my personal Midi changes after midi mapping them.

So if someone can come up with a solution it will be great because all the other DAW’s can do this Ableton is a champion in this simple thing, but cubase wont ? I cant believe it. So this has to be fixable and i really hope some one can help me out because i did not payed hundreds of euros to fight this kind of nonsense, i want to make music and enjoy it.


Could you attach a screenshot of the assignment, please? Which parameter exactly did you assign?

What exactly do you mean by Faders are missing, please?

Did you assign a Cubase function to the control?
Did you apply mapping?

Did you activate the MIDI Remote (i.e. connect to a MIDI In)?

Is the instance active?

Btw MIDI Remotes are project-independent and not stored with any project. They are stored in script files; a user-made Remote, like in the example, in
C:\Users\ASM\Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\MIDI Remote\User Settings\ASM_ASM TEST MIDI Remote_0385C07F97B3440015939EFEB51F6864_globalmappings.json
Do you have such a script file stored?

Thanks for your reply.

Had to remove my first reply something went wrong in the quotes haha.

No its for Serum and Vital.

Yes i did.

Yes i did.

Yes it is active.

File is on my computer.

I watched multiple videos, did everything needed i just dont understand why this is happening.