midi merge.. i don't get it anymore.


since last update (8.1.10 ) i was able to enter MIDI edit mode and record cycle(or not cycle) inside a part where i would see notes adding to the existing part while i play. Now i don’t get that anymore. notes i play are added to the … topest lane region even if i’m editing another region.
but… i think it’s even weirder i see there’s a different selection between cycle record or not. if i select cycle record “mix”, active cycle and get inside a region to add notes to it nuendo creates a new part anyway.
now if i get in top lane (edit, when cycle record… i don’t see the notes showing up but when i stop, they are correctly added to that region in top lane.

oups… i just checked. it’s not about “top lane” it’s only in “Lane 1” if you change lane position it’s the same. Only lane 1 gets Merge even if muted !

don’t have much time to look further into it but is it totally buged on this 8.1.10 ?
how do you get to add notes to a scpecific part ? within several lanes.

Make sure that “Record in Editor” is enabled (the button will become red) to the top left of the Key Editor. This is enabled automatically when you double click a MIDI part.

haaaa wonderful ! thank you