MIDI Merge record mode, arranger track and changing track stops recording

Hi all,

Using Cubase Pro 12, I have started attempting live looping.
I have an arranger track set up, and some pre-prepared MIDI parts. The arranger tracks loops each section a few times, while I will layer instrument on instrument for each loop.

I use “Merge” MIDI record mode, and “Mix” for MIDI cycle record mode.

Here is what happens:

  1. With arranger track activated, I start recording. Drum track is selected.
  2. I record drums over a copule of loops, everything works fine and I can add to the drum track for each loop.
  3. I select the Keys track to add chords. It adds to the existing MIDI part on that track, as expected.
  4. When the part is looped again, Cubase stops recording. Keys track is still armed for recording (Record Enable), but I have to press “Transport Record” again to change from playback to record.

Is there a way around this?

As a side note, when doing the same scenario without arranger track, and looping a specific section, merge/mix recording and switching between tracks works as expected.

Appreciate any thoughts on this!

Hello again,

Are there any plans on when this will be fixed?


Any updates on this?


Actually I don’t think Cubase supports cycle recording with the Arranger Track activated.

Hi Steve,

When posting this I got a confirmation from Steinberg that they considered this a defect. Also, loop recording with arranger track activated works initially, it’s only after changing track it fails.


Ah, okay