Midi merge?

A quick way to build up a drum track is by loop revording. Set the locators to a bar or two on a midi track, pick a drum set, set loop on and hit record. On each loop pass add in a drum, kick snares toms whatever. Unfortunately Cubasis creates a set of overlaid regions for each pass of the loop. That is, the kick is one layer, the snare in the next and the toms in the last. The region(s) play back correctly and all three sound but if I want to copy the bar only the top layer copies. A midi merge function is desperately needed so that after the drum bars are built all of the layers can be merged down into one.

Unless it is already there and I missed it?

You can… Select your region and apply “glue”


Glue is for adjacent regions these regions are layers on top of each other as in a photo app and I want to merge down.

Again: Glue! :unamused: … works here …

I must be dense today because it is not working for me. The events are on top of each other and I can only select the top one so glue does not work. Happens when I copy an event. Create record one bar, copy it, loop over that copy, record, there are are two events on top of each other. If I try to copy that on only the top layer copies, e.g. Snare no kick. Glue does not work because the bottom layer can be selected.

Hmm … strange. Created 3 different Midi Clips … put them together all three on top of each other … selected nothing … just clicked 2 times to glue them together (2 times … you glue them layer by layer)

A video of my question


I do not have an Cubasis, but in your video I saw a select tool to the left of the split tool (opposite side of the glue tool), can you use it to select both parts and then perhaps glue will be available for use?

No. That select tool will select both if they are adjacent then glues will make the sequential. But in this case where they are stacked only the top layer is selected. Must be something simple I’m missing though.

Double “tapping” on the event? Maybe make one event a little longer and then selecting both?

(BTW, I’m just trying to help. I do not actually have Cubasis or even an iPad.)

Use the select button to the left of the glue icon. Drag your finger over the region in the track and glue will become available.


The light goes on! Thank you!

I was tapping. Instead of dragging to select.

Just got Cubasis today and that was the first problem I had. Hope all my problems are solved as easily as this!!! :smiley:

What version are you guys using? I can’t get separate takes no matter what I try.
If I set a loop recording in midi everything gets put into the one clip.
I actually want separate clips for the drums.

v1.5 here

V 1.5
It may look like all the loops are in the same event but they are not. Tap on the event to select it, not using the select tool, then drag the event. Then you will see the event underneath. The video shows this.

This is bizarre.
I cannot reproduce what your video shows.
Every loop I record merges with the existing loop and becomes one event. There are no layers, double tapping opens the editor and all the notes are there from several passes … honest.

Doesn’t matter as it’s reasonably easy to separate later.

If you record one drum at a time and uncheck/check the record button while it’s cycling it should definitely separate them

Yes, thanks I’ve got it now. Everything in one continuous looping sesssion is merged. It’s only when stopped and started again they don’t. My misunderstanding.

I only came across that by chance as I have a broken right collarbone and can only use my left hand and had to quantize each part :slight_smile: