Midi message to stop a song! :-)

Hi to everyone! I have a little problem I hope you can solve for me! :slight_smile: What MIDI MESSAGE I need to STOP a song in Cubase? To explain better … When I click on the space bar EXACTELY what midi message is sent to stop the song? I wish insert it at the end of some songs to can stop them! I hope you can understand altough my very bad Eng.
Thx to all in advance! :wink:

Sorry, but MIDI isn’t used in that context. When you hit the space bar no MIDI is sent, instead a Cubase command is executed, similar to other commands like Save, Mute, Close, etc.

There are ways to map a MIDI Message to a Cubase Command, but others on the forum know more about this than I do & will hopefully chime in.

Hi all

Couldn’t you set the project length to exactly the length of the song.that’d do it I think.

Best Regards, Dave

Many thx to everyone. I try to explain better if my Eng will be enough! :frowning: I have a project with 12 songs (a whole CD by an Italian artist) and I’m going to have some concerts! I need that EVERY SONG, at the end, stop the project in that point (because the artist will say something abot the next song) an than I’ll simple press the play button to re-start the sequence. In what way I’ll can make this in Cubase? (I created the markers - one for every song - and I can navigate along the project with them but I’m not able to STOP at the end of every song and I can’t manually press the “stop button” because I’m playing the guitar!! :frowning: )
Many thx in advance and sorry my Eng, please! :slight_smile:

Use the Arranger track. :wink:

Yes or use markers. Set up one marker at the end position of every song of the track. Then use “play to next marker” and cubase will start to play and then stop at the next marker. Your artist will talk then and so on…

Many many thx to all but especially to Elien … he solved ALL MY PROBLEMS … hehehe … I hope to can return you one of these days your kindness :slight_smile: Alex :slight_smile:

HI Alex,

one thing is worth being mentioned: You did a great job when you took one step back from your original question and started to explain WHAT you wanted to achieve and WHY. By describing your situation you really gave us the chance to understand and assist you!
I am mentioning that because it was a clever step by you that others often refuse to take!
Cheers and much fun with Cubase and even more, with music :slight_smile:


Hi Ernst, in effect that was for my veeeery bad English! Anytime I need something I always fear to create misunderstundig 'cause my horrible Eng. Anyway, many many thx for your help! The next time I’ll keep in mind your precious suggest :slight_smile: <3