MIDI messages for play and/or stop

I’m making a setup for Dorico to work alongside Max via a Cue system. The system works like this: there’s a dedicated “Electronics” player which has a lot of playing techniques of numbers enclosed in circles, with their respective playback playing techniques. These are sent via MIDI to Max (BTW, I had to create the circled techniques and the playback playing techniques one by one, up to 20. If someone has a better idea, I’m all ears!)
So far this works great. The only downside is that I would also like to be able to send a “play” and a “stop” signal every time I hit play or stop in Dorico, respectively. So far, the only workaround I’ve found is to assign all the play and stop instructions needed in Max to the 1st cue in the score. However, this forces me to always start the score from the beginning.
EDIT: I’m aware Dorico has no MIDI transport control whatsoever. I’m just looking for creative solutions better than my own, or an obvious thing that I’m missing.

Hi Lucas.
You know that you can use MIDI as keyboard shortcut, right? Maybe if you use the same MIDI event to launch “play from selection” or whatever in Dorico and in Max, it could work ? Just guessing here, since I never used Max…

Thanks Marc! I was aware. The problem with this is the delay that Dorico takes to actually start playing. However, I migh have come up with a way to circunvent it in my Max patch. Thanks!