MIDI Metronome click: Is it possible to record the MIDI note

Hi - Sorry if I missed finding this answer in google. It has to do with recording the metronome click as MIDI notes on a MIDI track, all the while staying in the box . But the MIDI track input doesn’t include “Metronome” obviously, and so I"m not sure where to go from there. (I’m able to record them as audio notes by routing the MIDI click to my synth and then returning as audio, that’s not the issue.)

Failing that, I thought about routing the MIDI out to my synth (USB MIDI), then back to a Cubase MIDI track. The first part works (since I can route a MIDI metronome signal from Cubase to my synth and have it come back into Cubase as audio), but I don’t think the synth is bouncing the MIDI back since there’s no MIDI in signal in Cubase. I guess that’s probably a synth issue rather than a Cubase issue? I’m able to overdub MIDI while Cubase is playing back MIDI tracks, so I know at least I’ve got the “bidirectional” USB MIDI part programmed OK.

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Yes, you are right. There is no way, how to get the click as MIDI events. It’s not possible to route this virtual output on any virtual input. There is only way to route it on an physical output, and connect this MIDI cable of this output back to the input.

The easiest way is to make the MIDI notes by Pencil. It’s just 4 clicks in 4/4, and use function Repeat. It’s realy very fast.

Thanks as always Martin - I had just been wondering if I were missing something by not being able to get that MIDI note from the metronome onto my track, I appreciate your clearing that up!

Instead of drawing, I’ve actually settled on another way to do it, I use the audio metronome option (choosing suitable drums sound for the down beats vs the others), and record that to the track without “leaving the box” to act as my “click track”.

Though theoretically it SHOULD be sample accurate, it is usually a few samples off (always less than 15 in my system), but that is less than 1/2 of a msec at 44.1K, not a biggie for my projects. But your way (drawing) would be that much more accurate.

One more quick question if I could please … does Cubase internally compensate and send the click track out to our headphones one or two buffers early? If it sent it out only when the beat occurred, we would not hear it for at least one buffer time after the true project bar/beat, and then even if we played exactly at that time, it would get printed even later because of transit time and (if audio) A-D conversion at the interface. I’d think those times (two buffers = 12 msec if 44.1K/256 sample buffer size) would potentially be significant for some projects?

Thanks again!

… just a little “for info” :wink:

You were expecting, on your synth, that the MIDI that is received from Cubase’s Metronome be retransmitted from the synth’s MIDI output? No that doesn’t happen… incoming MIDI is indeed passed out via the MIDI Thru, not the MIDI Out (unless the synth in question has a built-in merger to combine incoming MIDI with the synth’s own MIDI output).

OP’s been around long enough to know the answer to this. Only one of two reasons for this thread. :wink: :unamused:

Thanks as always, vic_france! The Motif does have that built-in mixer, which is pretty cool, though I’ m not sure whether it can do that or not (I haven’t really used its sequencing functions, finding it enough of a (fun!) challenge to understand Cubase and get it working enough for me). In any case, thanks again for that!