Midi MFX Wrapper - C7.5

Hey guys

Anyone know if the Steinebrg MFX Wrapper will work in C7.7.20 64bit??

I know I have to place it in the “components” folder, but (before I go ahead, the available wrapper this a 32 bit dll…Anyone know a way to get this working in 64 bit C7.5 ?

mucho gracias for any help in the quest.

I did try this a long time ago (the last version I remember this working with was C4 32-bit I think) but I fear the MFX Wrapper is a long-dead product, so no, I don’t think you’ll get it to work with C7.5.20 64-bit.

Did you try JBidging it…?!

Won’t work, it’s not a VST.

which leads to my BUMP of this post , to see if any Devs / Carlos) might read & drop some input as to the possibility of updating the dll to a working 64 bit version??.