MIDI, Mixing and Multitimbral Instruments

So today i was working on a project where i was using multiple instances of Kontact and Halion and after having watched a recent YouTube vid on the basics of Kontact thought i would experiment with combining instances together.

I understand the wiring that goes on where in either Kontact\Halion you route different programs\layers to different outputs and then you activate the outputs so that appear in the mixconsole. Then i create MIDI tracks that route to the instrument instance and specify the MIDI channel which corresponds with the program\layer in the instrument.

All good so far, however when i go back to the mixer window i now see both output bus of the instrument (no issue there) and also the midi track, but whats the point of having the midi track showing in the mixer window? The fadar on the midi track is at the bottom and says off and seems to only control\override the volume of the program\layer inside of the instrument, the pan is the same and finally the meter is just showing velocities of notes been played. So all in all the midi track in the mix console is irrelevant from a mixing perspective at least, there appears to be no way to hide it in the mix console without it also disappearing in the project window either so it just clutters up my view. I have removed midi channels from the filter list which at least removes it for the time been.

Wouldn’t a better option be to have someone to combine the output and midi tracks in the mixer into a single slot?


Cubase itself doesn’t know, if you do some specific routing in the Instrument or not. Therefore Cubase always shows all channels in the MixConsole.

If you disable the Sync Project and MixConsole options (next to the Visibility tab, the = button), you can hide channels from the MixConsole independently from the Project window. Or, even if this sync option is enabled, you can use Channel Types Filter and filter all MIDI Channels out of the MixConsole. Then the MIDI Tracks stay visible in the Project window (if you don’t enable Sync Track/Channel Type Filters next to the Visibility tab).

This is what Instrument tracks do. But once you use multiple outputs, Cubase doesn’t know about the internal routing in the plug-in. So Cubase doesn’t know, which Audio Return is linked to which MIDI track.

Yeah i used the filter as I need the sync enabled for other tracks.

I sort of guessed that just a shame then couldn’t extend the UI so that you can map a midi track onto a given output and therby appear as a single item in the mix window.