Midi modifier: not transposing midi off

BUG: Hi, when transposing a midi note with the Midi Modifier tool, the note off is not transposed correspondingly.
At least that is what the midi monitor tool displays. Can this be confirmed?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

No, I cannot confirm. This would mean, you would get hanging notes.

See attached screenshot with the proof, please.

Thanks for the answer. You are right. I was looking at the velocity numbers and mistook that for a note change.
I have encountered another problem with the midi transpose function though.
The transpose is not reflected in the key editor.
When I drag a note/drum beat with the mouse then the (not) transposed note/beat is playing.

Cant this be confirmed or is it me that has got it wrong again :face_with_monocle:


This is by design. The Modification is done in real time. In the Key Editor, you should see the non-modified (original) MIDI data.

Make sure, the Preferences > MIDI > Audition through MIDI Inserts/Sends option is enabled, please.

Do you use the MIDI Modifiers dedicated slot or do you use them as the MIDI Insert, please?

Thx for the reply. I was using the Modifiers slot. It works as expected when using the Insert.
Thank you