MIDI Monitor to determine specific devices

Hi folks. I’m getting a bunch of seemingly random MIDI CC messages showing up in my tracks in Cubase 12. I’ve powered down all my MIDI gear, closed my iOS apps (Metagrid Pro & Patchboard), and yet they’re still showing up in MIDI Monitor. Is there a way to determine which MIDI device they’re coming from?


Create a MIDI track,
go to its Inspector.
Change the MIDI Input, check out all of them one after another.


…well jeez, now it seems obvious.

Thanks for the suggestion, I did that and it turned out to be Keyboard Maestro, I’ve excluded that from the All MIDI Inputs, and so far so good.

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This is my new favorite little tool for MIDI trouble shooting. Shows you everything you need, including the source device that sent the MIDI Message.

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Cool, I’ll check it out, thanks!