MIDI monitor with MIDI event numbers?

One annoying thing about Steinberg’s MIDI Monitor plugin is that it displays the “note” as a letter note (e.g., C3) instead of a MIDI note number (e.g, 60). The problem with this is that the industry has not agreed on a standard definition of the notes. The MIDI standard specifies 60 as “middle C” - it’s up to manufacturers to describe that as C3, C4 or C5. Since I work with hardware and software from different manufacturers, it’s more convenient for me to think in terms of the number when debugging or diagnosing MIDI problems.

Are there any tools that plug into Cubase that allow me to see MIDI notes or events just as numbers, or is there some way to get the MIDI Monitor to use just numbers?

Here’s a discussion of the topic for those unfamiliar with the problem . . . .

Thanks in advance.

I personally like to use the plugin version of Bidule anytime I’d like to monitor/manipulate realtime MIDI/Audio streams in a DAW; however, there are some free plugins out there that do nothing but display incoming MIDI events.

Perhaps this one would work for you.
pizjuce_x64_20120111 includes a MIDI Monitor.

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To get it working with Windows 10 and Cubase 11 I grabbed pizjuce_x64_20120111.zip, unpacked it, and copied the entire folder into my preferred directory for hosting VST2 plugins.

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A simple possibility would be to switch the transformer in front of the midimonitor and to copy the value 1 (the note value) to the normally unused value 3 in the transformer. Then the midimonitor shows the number of the note value at value 3.




What an interesting workaround.

Just be aware, some instruments could use the Note Off value to generate some sound.