MIDI/MP3 bouncing ball software

I was wondering if anyone knows of any software that can import an MP3 file and allow lyrics/words to be entered whereby a “bouncing ball” effect or similar can be applied and a resulting video can be exported.

Windows movie maker? :confused:

Hi Strophid,

I’ve started learning how to use MS PowerPoint (formerly Presenter) and there is a bookmarks function you can use to trigger events like text appearing, fading etc., but they (bookmarks) can’t be edited.

I really wish there was something in Cubase that would do this even at a basic level, i.e. purely rhythm and although .kar files can be imported (I don’t know about exporting) there is no such feature in any Steinberg product so I am hopeful that Yamaha might push the Pro version towards this market, else develop something in the Artist space because currently there is no tool in a DAW software that I’m aware of so while I’m not a Karaoke type person/performer, there are plenty of people who are and who would benefit from something like this I believe.

Oh wait, I just realized what you meant with bouncing ball.
I have no idea what people use for that. A quick google shows some results but the free solutions appear to be bad choices going by the reviews.

I have been thinking about it and the basics are already there in Cubase, i.e. the Score but I don’t believe there is any way to export video, e.g. mp4, from the program.

Something like this would be extremely handy for songwriting.

On another subject, there was a plugin called Cantor that outputs a robot voice, which is similarly as helpful but in a different way however development has currently ceased.

To have some visual way of demonstrating how something is to be sung, without having to perform an audio-only export would be most ingenious I believe and would add to the utility of Steinberg products, so here’s hoping Yamaha step up on this issue.

Those other programs on the web are mostly dodgy. The only way I have found is using MS PowerPoint but as I say timing all the events to display words at the right time and so on is extremely time consuming, with often unexpected results; which means more programming.

midimaestro can do it, but yamaha keyboards like the tyros has it built in. I wonder if any of the myriads of iPad apps yamaha makes can do it too.

Hi peakae,

I looked at everything from Karaoke software to Church songsheet programs and found nothing.

Midimaestro does not appear to work with audio, however and PowerPoint is next to useless for this kind of thing.

I have bitten the bullet now and gone the Adobe route using Flash Professional CS (non-cloud version).

It seems to be the only way and now I have yet another program to learn.

How great would it be if SB had tools equivalent to Adobe flash built-in to Cubase, using Timecode, samples, beats & bars instead of KeyFrames?

Flash will work, but it’s a rather huge software.

I have realized though that while there are tools for audio and video is just for playback in Cubase, it would be great to have some kind of frame based editing for presentations rather than typical video, as this would make it (cubase) a well rounded program in my view and it may be about time with the computing power available now days to ordinary mortals.

Have You tried to look at those subtitle editors, or teleprompter software ?

This one looks like it could be useful

Hi peakae,

Looks like good software, but appears is for live production.

The files I am working with are in mp3 format and the idea is to create a video file.

I have started using Adobe Flash and it is working ok, albeit very time consuming.

The interesting thing is the time the application (flash) takes to render Alpha transparencies can be slightly different from the .swf file that is generated, which means you need to compensate from time to time.

I really wish something like this (Flash) was built into Cubase.

Thanks for the link and effort.

Ah I understand.
I was looking for a way to have lyrics displayed in the vocal booth when recording, and maybe on a big screen when playing live.
Indeed it would be great if it had a built in way of doing this and all kind of possibilities open up for multimedia,.