midi-musiker.de presents UX-9 by LazyDog

virtual analog synthesizer:

multimode VCF LPF/HPF/BPF/BEF 12/24db/oct
3x VCO pulse/saw/ramp/tri/sine
2x LFO sqr/saw/ramp/tri/sine/rdm
2x EG + Aux EG assignable
velocity+keyscaling assignable
chorus+delay fx/ EQ
16x preset memories

still quite high cpu due to fx.
multicore cpu may cause problems with multiple
instances: make copy of dll+rename eg: ux09b.dll
(may be resolved in a future revision)

made with synthedit.
credits: AP (keyboard)
freeware. all rights reserved.

there is no warranty for this experimental plugin.
it is capable of high volume at certain settings.
use responsibly, use at own risk
no responsibility accepted by author for any damage
you may cause to equipment or persons etc.
by using it.

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