Midi navigation issue -would appreciate programming tips

Maybe I’m missing it, but I wish there was a built-in command to locate the next midi note OF THE SAME NOTE; that is, to find (or search or locate) the next instance of the midi note across the editor horizontally. This applies to either the key editor or drum editor. I’ve asked for this over many years, but apparently it still doesn’t exist. Personally, I’m quite surprised about the omission as it seems, at least to me, that the usefulness of such a command should be obvious and would complement the various navigation tools.

For example, let’s say I have a special drum hit near the start of the song. I then want to locate the next instance of this note. As the drum hit occurs only seldom during the sequence and let’s say appears somewhere in the middle and near the end, to find the next time it plays requires a lot of scrolling and focusing my eyes along the horizontal timeline. Instead, I want Cubase to quickly navigate to the next instance of this particular sound. (I don’t want to simply move to the next midi note, up or down on the keyboard or whatever the next drum kit piece might be. I don’t want to move from kick to snare, etc., but rather from snare to the next snare.)

Assuming this command doesn’t exist, perhaps there’s a work-around, something simple and efficient? Any programmer out there have a solution to this? Thanks!

There’s no command that I know of to do exactly that.

Shift-click selects all note of the same pitch. That could be useful in the case you describe.

If you use “shift click” and select all notes of the same pitch, then open the List Editor, you’ll see the next note highlighted (it may require zooming out and paging down). Then, even if you are not comfortable in LE, at least you can quickly see the bar/beat where the next note of the same pitch falls.

Let’s all pray for a future cubase with Midi features highlighted.

I was trying to find a solution with Logical Editor, but no luck so far :frowning: