Midi not exporting 1 to 1 into audio

I have Cubase 5 as well as Cubase 6. I am primarily using my Cubase 6. My system is PC based/Windows7 with 6 GB of RAM. Intel chips Dual quad core 3GHZ, My sound card is a Lynx22 using the latest available driver.
My experience is as follows:
I have a previously created midi track to which I apply a string sampled sound included in my Quantum Leap East West Ochestra set. When I play back the track it sounds great. I then export the midi track into audio. When I place the audio on an audio track beneith the midi track, it is noticeably longer in length than the midi track from which it was created. The result is that I cannot sync up the different parts of the composition because they do not match the intended lengths. As I said at the top, I primarily use Cubase 6. I have not tried exporting this particular project in Cubase 5. I have only experienced this in Cubase 6. Has anyone else run across this condition.
Just for the record, I began using Cubase sequencers about 20 years ago, before it included audio capabilities and have produced multiple projects using Cubase. This the the first time I have experienced anything quite like this.

When you play the exported audio file (the longer one) is it at the correct pitch and tempo?

Can’t wait for the answer!! Will it be a musical vs. linear timebase issue? A musical mode issue?

Thank you for your reply. I didn’t check for pitch and tempo but I’ll do that when I get home this evening. If it is different then I will check the sample rate to make sure that it is what i designated in the project setup.

It turned out to be a case of the defaulted project sample rate was not matching the export sample rate. I forgot that I had started the project over by creating a new project and did not reset the sample rate. Thank you for the clue :laughing: Duh! Pretty dumb for a guy that’s been using Cubase sequencers for twenty years.