MIDI not showing in Media - File Browser tab

MIDI not showing in right side Media - File Browser tab. Any solutions available?

No solutions available? This should be populating MIDI files.

One possible thought:

MIDI files being somehow reassigned to not be “seen” or opened by Nuendo.

Go to a MIDI file in your computer, outside Nuendo, in your file browser, and right click on it, and see if a different application has been designated to see or open it. Is that the case?

I believe this is a known issue.

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This is strange. On my system, Mac OS, Nuendo sees a MIDI file I created with Nuendo. It does not see older MIDI files not made with Nuendo. 808 Drumkit was made in Nuendo and exported. The other ones were not, even though when importing them, the file browser does see them. The right side Media browser in fact, does not.
See images: