MIDI note assignement to drumkits

Hi everybody,

I’ve been struggling for a week trying to assign a specific note value to a percussion line.

In other words, I want to write a Cajon line. Dorico creates automatically 2 percussion lines, but no sound comes out. So, I loaded Halion 6, and its native percussion set named “Pop Latin kit”. That kit includes three cajon sounds on C#0, D0, D#0 pitches. However, Dorico plays a cowbell sound. Apparently, there is no way I can edit it.

How can I tell Dorico to play those notes? Or - generally speaking - how can assign a specific output note to a percussion staff, grid, or line?

Thank you,

Welcome to the forum Gian. Please read this tutorial I wrote a while back and let me know if you still have questions after you’ve digested it.

Hi Daniel!
Problem solved! Thank you :blush::+1: