MIDI note change length (quantize/nudge) to move end, or beginning, to cursor

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to nudge (or quantize) a MIDI note’s end or beginning to cursor? Could it be possible with the Logical Editor, or a macro?


No need for LE, These are built in commands.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your reply. However, this is not what I meant since this just places the original event right in front of the cursor. What I’m looking for is to expand the event from it’s original position all the way to the beginning of the cursor.

Later this weekend I’ll try and make a picture explaining it a bit better.

No need, I understand now! This is probably why I never set a key command for that – I wanted the same thing, and then forgot about it.

I don’t really see a workaround, aside from a multi-step macro, so I added the feature request tag and edited the title. If I missed something, someone else will hopefully reply.

Thanks Steve!

It would be a very handy feature, especially for composing - could save a lot of time!