MIDI Note Channel?

Is there a way to see the MIDI channel for a particular note event?

If you insert the MIDI monitor, it will also show you the MIDI channel of the notes played.

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Thanks for the hint. I was able to use MIDI Scope on another iPad via Bluetooth to see the channel.

Is there no way to see the channel within Cubasis 3 itself?

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Unfortunately, there is no info line in Cubasis (like in Cubase) where all the information about a midi event is listed.

I would also like to know if there is an easy way to display such basic data as the midi channel.
If you only work with Cubasis, this may not be necessary, since a MIDI track only addresses one instrument, not multitimbrally.
But when you import MIDI files, they usually have several channels, and it would be important to know about them.

Hi @P.A.T,

MIDI chancels can be set and viewed in the “Routing” tap of the “Inspector”.

Hope that helps.



It doesn’t really help.

I had the track’s input channel set to “All.“ I recorded some MIDI input from my keyboard into the track. I was hoping to find out what channel my keyboard was transmitting on by looking at the channel setting in the note events.

I understand that Cubasis isn’t supposed to be able to do everything that Cubase can do. But adding this particular capability could be helpful in many situations, I think.